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Обожайте A1023 Women's Sheer Sleeveless Bodysuit с Wild Zipper Front

Adore A1023 Women's  Sheer Sleeveless Bodysuit with Wild Zipper Front. Skye Sleeveless sheer body is elegant yet wild at heart with a teasing front zipper, and thick vertical straps that cover just enough to tease your imagination. The back of the waist is hugged by a thick strap which adds to the drama of the cheeky honey panty.  This timeless body can be worn with just about anything to take you from lingerie to night wear.

[Sheer Cape не включен]

Черный цвет. Размер: S, M, L.

См. Таблицу размеров ниже.

Доставка в рабочие дни 1-2.